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Panchgavya is a blend of the 5 Gavyas obtained from the Cow namely Cow Milk, Cow Ghee, Curd, Cow Urine & Cow Dung. Glorified very highly in Vedic scriptures for its purity and curing Powers, its medical, nutritional, environmental and agricultural efficacies are accepted and respected by modern science, alike.

Detoxifying, Anti-Cancer, Bio-Enhancing, Immunomodulatory, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Septic, Anti-Tuberculosis, Anti-Fungal are some of its properties in modern scientific terms. It has the capacity to control and balance all the three life forces (Tridoshas) namely Vat, Pitt & Kapha as per Ayurveda.

In Sanskrit, Panchagavya means the blend of five products obtained from cow. Panchagavya is made from five products of the cow — its dung, urine, milk, ghee and curd.

For thousands of years, people in India have used cow urine and cow dung for different purposes in their daily and ceremonial activities. Being highly recommended by the scriptures, it is considered holy and safe to use.


  • The reason for any diesese?
    According to Ayurveda there are 3 basic elements that make up a human body, namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Any imbalance or disparity (doshas) in any one or more of these elements is the main reason behind any dieseas in a human body.To be understood easily we can understand that a Human body is made up of Soil, water and fire (the very Basic elements) and any disparity or imbalance in these elements is considered to be the main reason behind any dieseas.
  • The importance of PANCHGAVYA in treatment of any dieseas.
    In the ancient times treatments and medicines discovered and developed by the rishis and ayurvedacharyas while studying about the human body disparities using AYURVEDA, has PANCHGAVYA as its one of the main elements. It is Since those times in India that PANCHGANVA is used in daily routine life and is cosidered sacred and holy.
    From Ancient times Ayurveda has not only aimed at irradicating the disease but has also focused on the side effects of the treatment, which has always prooved to be a boon to the Human Society.
  • What is "PANCHAGAVYA"?
    PANCHGAVYA is made up of cows Milk, Yogurt/ curd , Ghee, cows urine. The rules related to PANCHGAVYA are mentioned in Yagyavalkya Smriti 3/314, Bodhaman Greh Sutra 2/20, Parashar Smriti from 11/28 to 34, Deval Smriti from 62 to 65, Laghushatatya 158/162 and Matasya Puran 267/5 and 6. The Usage of PANCHGAVYA is also mentioned along with the use of Mantras in Dharmasindhu, Smratyarthsar, Brahamkarm and other sets of books.


Dhenu Green India Ltd. has been organized under the Company Act 1956. The Registration No. is U74120UP2011PLC047136. The Address of the Registered Head Office of the company is:
128, Clyde House 1st Floor,
Plot No. 11, The Mall, Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh).

In Present times when the whole world is aspiring towards financial and social success, Also known as the Success throuhg Globalization; but in our country due to the growing population and decreasing resourses it has become quiet difficult for a common man to earn his living for him and his family.

After spine breaking labour and such a mental torture at the end of the day what a person gets is Chemicalized food, even The milk, vegetables and fruits have been tampered with using various harmfull chemicals. This is not only harming our society but also forces us to think that what kind of life our sibblings will get in near future. 

Today the milk that is said to nuture a baby normally contains upto 40% to 50% of DTC, BSC. 

The only reason that we can think of such a condition.. that brought our country to this stage is that the todays youth has totally forgotten his own ancient culture and is blind foldly following the Western Culture... the urge to earn more monetory benefits pushes him to use harmful pesticides and insectisides at his farm, which is prooving to be a real curse to our country. 

Keeping in view all these environmental, Socio economic problems and deeply pondering over the reason; our respected chairman; with the help of cow protection acts and bussiness has decided to help our country grow again and make youth aware of his culture. For this our company under the benovalent leadership of Mr.Chairman is opening innumerable branches in various states and cities.

Mission And Vision:
  • To save the Agricultural land from the effects of harmfull chemicals.
  • To provide our Society the Panchgavya daily and medicinal products that are prooved scientifically to be safe and beneficial.
  • To irradicate the unemployment in the country.
  • To provide the Bio chemical energy which surely contribute to success of any country.
  • To provide our youth a safe and progressive future.
  • To save our environment and Society from pollution and radiation, that are a threat to complete humanity.